Hey guys, you have nose hair and it’s wants to stick outside your nose and say hello! So what’s happening you ask? Well, as we age, you’re body will seem to be in active rebellion and your nostrils may start sprouting hair where it’s never grown before. Some guys go for the simple route of plucking it out “like a man.” However, that technique is never permanent and soon you may feel the tickle on your septum just to realize that nose hair is coming out again! So, it’s time to take a more permanent stance and consider laser hair removal for the nose.

At Noydeen Beauty, our medical practitioners use state-of-the-art laser to treat unwanted rogue nose hair. Our treatments are quick, painless and effective. It’s also very discreet and comfortable. Get laser hair removal and embrace smooth, silky and touchable skin!

Remove rogue nose hair! Call Noydeen Beauty and schedule your medical laser hair removal consultation today.