Sure shaving works but doing it everyday can be havoc on your face. Especially if you have that one or two stubborn chin hairs . Some of these hairs that grow on men’s chin are a different hair altogether than other facial hair – it can be coarse, darker, longer and more deeply rooted in the skin. These type of darker hair are caused by hormonal changes and as we get older, guys will have more of these type of dark, resistant hair that seems to pop back immediately after shaving.

At Noydeen Beauty, our medical provider suggests laser hair removal. At Noydeen Beauty, our medical practitioners use state-of-the-art laser to treat unwanted chin hair. Our treatments are quick, painless and effective. It’s also very discreet and comfortable. Get laser hair removal and embrace smooth, silky and touchable skin!

Remove unwanted coarse, whisker-like hair from the chin! Call Noydeen Beauty and schedule your medical laser hair removal consultation today.