Let’s get real, guys don’t want to shave everyday. Some guys even have to suffer shaving twice a day because of the afternoon shadow that appears on their face later in the day. For men that struggle with razor burns, ingrown hair, the nicks and cuts are all looking for a more effective and permanent solution than the daily hassle of shaving. For the guys that have made the decision to leverage technology, our board-certified medical provider, empathizes and recommends laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is what women have been doing to get great smooth, beautiful skin and now, it’s available to the guys!

At Noydeen Beauty, our medical practitioners use state-of-the-art laser to treat unwanted beard hair. Depending on how much a guy wants to treat, laser hair removal can effective treat a guy’s entire beard area. Our treatments are quick, painless and effective. It’s also very discreet and comfortable. Get laser hair removal and embrace smooth, silky and touchable skin!

Kill the need to shave every day and enjoy your smooth, razor-free skin! Call Noydeen Beauty and schedule your medical laser hair removal consultation today.